2012 Matches

2012 Matches:
Elyse Leyenberger (Photography '12) : Andrei Jackamets (BFA Photography '83)

Ryan Berardi (Sculpture '14) : Anthony Visco (BFA Sculpture '70)
Kaylyn Gray (Multimedia '13) & Michael Knaub (Multimedia '13) : Michele Kishita (BFA Painting '97, MFA Painting '10)
Diane Meck (Dance '13) : Geoffrey Kershner (BFA Acting '00)
Kennedy Dickerson (Photography '14) & Michael G Malloy (Photography '12) : Nancy Eichenbaum (BFA Photography '87)
Megan Beck (Illustration '13) & Lydia Guadagnoli (Illustration '14) : Veronica Cianfrano (MFA Painting '11)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This week in Asbury...

We had a fairly calm week at the studio. My time was spent mostly downloading photos taken over the past couple of days and organizing, and archiving the photographs. I did some minor editing for the clients, but they were mostly event photos so they didn't require a whole lot. So I did that, made DVDs of the images for the clients and that was that!

The exciting part for me this week was meeting Cynthia! Cynthia is Andrei's business coordinator, she manages his bookings and does the books and paperwork for him. I asked her for some pointers for in the event that I become a freelancer. Some starter points were these:

  • Always stay organized. Devise a system where you always know where to look to find something, even if it is from a while back. This will come in handy more often than not. 
  • Keep records of everything. Make sure details happen in writing and not just on the phone. If things do get worked out over the telephone, make sure to send a follow up email in order to have everything there for in the event that things get confused and you need a concrete agreement to refer back to. It's a safe and easy way of making sure you're always covered!
  • Be in touch, always ask questions if you have them and follow up with everything. Communication is key to running a business and making sure that you're doing your best to serve your business and your client to the best of your abilities. 
So, she was busy trucking away at her paperwork but we still had a really great and informative chat. She's such a nice lady! And (!) she went to school at the University of Rhode Island, just minutes from where my mom grew up! By the way, Rhode Island is amazing and everyone should go there at least once. 

Here's an instagram photo I took on my day off when I went... to the beach. Haha, we actually went to Belmar which is a few towns over from Asbury but it was kind of funny.
Have a great week everyone!

PS. This coming week I will be T.A.ing for my UArts professor, Jordan Rockford for a continuing education course for teaching professionals. I am super excited about this! I'll be back with more Asbury adventures the following week. See ya!

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