2012 Matches

2012 Matches:
Elyse Leyenberger (Photography '12) : Andrei Jackamets (BFA Photography '83)

Ryan Berardi (Sculpture '14) : Anthony Visco (BFA Sculpture '70)
Kaylyn Gray (Multimedia '13) & Michael Knaub (Multimedia '13) : Michele Kishita (BFA Painting '97, MFA Painting '10)
Diane Meck (Dance '13) : Geoffrey Kershner (BFA Acting '00)
Kennedy Dickerson (Photography '14) & Michael G Malloy (Photography '12) : Nancy Eichenbaum (BFA Photography '87)
Megan Beck (Illustration '13) & Lydia Guadagnoli (Illustration '14) : Veronica Cianfrano (MFA Painting '11)

Monday, May 28, 2012


This week was one of the hardest weeks of the summer, and for me personally.
In addition to working The Comedy of Errors up to our first public performance, we began Macbeth rehearsals on Monday.

        On the way to the first rehearsal of Macbeth, a small group of us passed a huge, cawing raven (the occurrence seemed significant, and somewhat fitting for Shakespeare's infamous tragedy).  Monday's read-through was exciting for several reasons.  It was refreshing to focus on another project for a little while, and to hear about all the plans and ideas for this very different show. 

        The outdoor performance space that we are using is a dell, and it is huge!  Working in such an expansive space is very different and will greatly affect the sound and feel of the show.  The set is incredible...  It's difficult to explain, but it will look somewhat like a huge, jungle gym that will feel organic and grounded to the space, yet also jarred and unnatural at the same time (if that makes any sense?).

        Our version of Macbeth is set in 1814 during the War of 1812, and we are focusing on the idea of Manifest Destiny and the possession of land.  Also, the entire show is being underscored by a local band called Virgineola.

        I also found out a little more about my character...  The three witches are combined into one character in our version; a Native American Medicine Woman.  My character is a Young Native Woman who has survived a horrible accident/explosion of some kind, and has been left behind and discarded, but is taken care of by the Medicine Woman.  This accident that I've survived will inform my physicality and appearance.  It'll be exciting to expand upon this character as rehearsals continue!  
        So far, it's been interesting blocking Macbeth in the (semi-) dark, since we rehearse at night.  It's been cool to see how we can adapt the text in some ways to fit the setting and time period, and to play around with the idea of validated choices (that each of us believes our actions to be fair and justified).
        With Comedy, this week, we have integrated our performance costumes and props into the show, and performed two full runs at a local high school on Friday.  The audience seemed to follow along quite well, and it was nice for us to have a live audience.  We learned a lot from those two shows, and have now entered into the Tech part of the rehearsal process.  I can't believe the show opens this Friday!!
Opening soon -- get your tickets: http://endstationtheatre.org/opening-soon-the-comedy-of-errors/
Check out this cool post from our dramaturg:

-We have, once again, moved, and are now in our permanent dorm building!
-It has not been all work, and no play!
>On Friday, the company enjoyed a night of karaoke at a local restaurant & bar called "The Briar Patch." (In fact, it was the most enjoyable thing I've experienced within the last month, by far!)  Afterward, some of us spent some time at the boathouse here on the Sweet Briar College campus.
>On Saturday, I went kayaking and swimming at Smith Mountain Lake, and played with water balloons!

-I don't know why I chose this week, of all weeks, to start the 60-day "Insanity" fitness challenge... but I have two exercise buddies, and it makes all the difference!

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